Laminated Glass Production Line

The laminated glass production line is applied to process laminated glass with large quantities
.The line is suitable to be bought by medium-sized glass processing factory.Please find the details as below.
I.The production line include the machines as below:
A.Automatically Loading glass table
B.Horizontal washing machine( use 1600 washer as a example)
C.Removable suction cups
D.Film laying machine
E.Roller press machine
F.High-pressure autoclave
The Processing flow:A→B→C→D→E→F
II.High-pressure autoclave
High-pressure autoclave is key equipment to produce laminated glass. It can make glass laminated together solidly by heating,boost pressure and cool.etc process flow. The equipment is composed of the autoclave kettle body and control systems including heating system,cool system and heat preservation system.
a.Energy saving: power is 40% lower than the traditional high pressure vessel, the whole process is often shortened, energy saving is very significant. protection: according to the provisions of the process operation, the use of the provisions of the pad material, can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire.
c.Fast:fast type autoclave is faster than traditional autoclave.
d.Clean: no smoke pollution, no noise, to achieve cleaner production

2.Control system characteristics and security Settings
a.With automatic and manual two sets of operating system. After setting the parameters, automatic operation. Can also be transferred to manual operation system
b. can adjust the control system, the user can adjust the process parameters according to the actual number and thickness of the glass.
c.With manual and mechanical safety valve, to ensure that there is no gas in the kettle, the safety valve automatic exhaust valve.
d.It is equipped with the automatic chain, pressure sensor detects the pressure vessel will automatically disconnect the power door motor. To ensure that no pressure to send electricity.
Auto exhaust gas of the electromagnetic valve after over pressure
e.The staggered tooth is closed in place so that we can start running.

3.The material of equipment
a.Kettle door: 16Mn class II forgings
b.Kettle body: 16MnR
c.Heater: Gold Plated medium wave infrared heating tube
d.Seal system: rubber sealing ring
e.Heat preservation material: salt cotton and aluminium silicate
f.Cooler: seamless steel tube fin tube integral hot melt

4.The technical data of High-pressure autoclave
a.The effective inner diameter of the kettle body steel shell: 2000mm     
processing glass maximum width: 1500mm
b.The maximum length of the processing glass:5000mm  
the minimum size of glass:350*350mm
c.Working pressure: 0–1.25Mpa  
 safety valve opening pressure: 1.3Mpa
d.Operating temperature: 0 – 135 ℃ 
Max temperature: 150℃
e.Working medium: compressed air
f.The kettle gauge: 700mm (according to customer requirements)
g.Heat preservation: inner heat preservation thickness:50-100mm
h.The open door type: electric, left door (facing the kettle door to the left)
I.Total power: 68KW (energy saving)
K. Overall dimensions:6200*2800*2650mm(
a.the buyer in the kettle can be exhaust pipe into the sewer, can also be prepared by the buyer tor the purchase of simple muffler from seller.
b.the buyer has the condition available for cooling circulating water ion glass kettle, or the installation of anti fouling device.
c.the buyer needs to build one 30 cubic meters of underground cooling pool.